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Trumpet Junction, Basingstoke

Custom build residential development

Greenhalgh Landscape Architecture are working on a new development that includes 122 new custom build homes, a new park and play area, public realm spaces and streets, and a habitat creation area.


Our integrated landscape approaches for the scheme include a robust Biodiversity

Strategy. The development will boast new community driven open spaces, play areas that have emphasis on wild and natural play, pedestrian-friendly residential streets and lastly, a wide range of footpath and cycle connections.


The site has encountered complex biodiversity issues, including dealing with White Helleborine translocation which has required a close working relationship with the Ecologist. The site also holds SINC status. We have therefore needed to work in close collaboration with the Arboricultural consultant and the Tree Officer from the Local Authority for the removal of a significant number of trees. Planning consent was granted in 2016. The enabling works, including the tree felling, are due to start early 2017.

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