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Win Myat Myat Phyo (Hons) MA CMLI
Senior Landscape Architect

Win joined Greenhalgh Landscape Architecture in 2016, after finishing her MA in Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield. Win brings a positive drive in solving project challenges and has supported projects at all stages from Planning to Construction, with The Tannery and Whitehill & Bordon being her recent project involvement to date. 

Since 2012, Win’s interest in exploring the theory, the diversity and the intersections of the landscape profession has led to her becoming a landscape writer for Land8. She continues to explore this interest by setting up “Thitpin” Podcast and is due to undertake a Permaculture Design Course. 

The passionate, dedicated and team-working environment at Greenhalgh Landscape Architecture allows Win to keep evolving and refining her craft. 

Win Phyo
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